Ghana CSOs Platform on SDGs Elected to represent West Africa

The Ghana Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Platform on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has been elected as the focal point for West Africa in the Africa Regional Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (ARCSEM).

The election was held at a meeting of civil society actors across Africa on 24th February 2020, at the side-lines of the Africa Regional Summit on the Sustainable Development Goals (AFRSD) in Zimbabwe. Ghana will serve as the West Africa focal point for a period of 3 years.

The Africa Regional Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (ARCSEM) is a self-organized and managed mechanism that facilitates African major groups, other stakeholders, and civil society organizations’ participation in regional and global United Nations Sustainable Development processes. Created on 15th June 2015, the ARCSEM was borne out of the need to institutionalise the engagement of Major Groups, Civil Society Organizations and other stakeholders in Africa in Sustainable Development Processes in the region.

Through its structure, the ARCSEM reaches out to civil society organizations in all 54 African countries, sub-regional and thematic networks, major groups, other stakeholder groupings, and key regional constituencies to share information with them on regional and global policy debates and processes on sustainable development, promoting civil society consultations and dialogue, supporting national and regional advocacy and facilitating the participation of a diverse range of CSOs and marginalized groups in regional and global level dialogues and processes on Sustainable Development under the United Nations.

To strengthen accountability, ownership and self-organisation, each sectoral and sub-region (through national sustainable development platforms) elect their own focal point. The focal point position is by organisations and focal points serve for a term of three (3) years.

The election of the Ghana CSOs Platform on SDGs as the focal point for West Africa is timely given the Platform’s continued leadership in civil society coordination towards the attainment of the SDGs in Ghana. The Ghana Civil Society Organisations SDGs Platform has within four years of its establishment been recognized as the primary strategic civil society partner within multi-stakeholder partnerships that brings together civil society, private sector and government for the achievement of the SDGs in Ghana.

SOURCE: Ghanacsoplatforms